Monday, June 19, 2006

Streaming to blog

Mobile Locker

My phone nearly got crunched in the wreck. I have a bad feeling about all of this.

I decided I didn't want to loose all my phone data so I started looking online for something. I found this: Oasys Mobile Locker.

They also have an app that lets you back up your phone book. Sounds good to me - and its free.

Car Stuff

I have been on the phone with Progressive all morning. I think they are going to come through. It is complicated because it was a hit and run. I have been looking at cars on Carmax. Since my truck was so old I don't have a lot to work with.

Thinking about this one:

I know its almost exactly what I had and even though I had been thinking about a smaller car, that wreck made me glad I was in a truck.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Out of Here

I taped a quick VO. We are out of here.

Charlie Narration

I am so scared sitting here. I am going to get Charlie to do a quick voice over and try and cut down a proof of concept to show Mateas. Should have it up by 9.

Car Wreck

Its been a rough 24hrs. Yesterday afternoon I was heading to Charlie's from the lab. I was cutting through 16th street. The light at Peachtree turned green and I started across. I felt this presence behind me to the right and then there was impact.

A car t-boned me hitting the back right wheel. It knocked the truck over on its side and pushed it into the bumper of a jeep that was stopped at the light. I wasn' wearing a seat belt (old truck) so when the truck rolled on its side I fell down into the passenger seat. That turned out to be a good thing.

I had a half empty coke in the drink holder. When I went sideways the coke spilled on me. I wasn't thinking too clearly at the time and when the truck stopped I thought the coke was gasoline. I had the window open so I bolted out of the truck, jumped on the hood of the jeep and was to the side walk before anyone knew what was going on.

The firemen and cops came. The fire trucks got there first. When the firetruck stopped the firemen took off running to my truck. When they didn't see anyone there they looked around and I raised my hand.

A big guy came over and asked me if i was the driver. I said yes.

After the first impact I hit the rear view mirror before I fell into the passenger seat. I had a red mark in the center of my forehead from that. The firemen reached his finger out and pressed down on the mark. He asked me what day it was. He said he had never seen someone walk away from a crash like that.

The wrecker got there about the same time as the cop. I had to talk to the cop for a long time. The car that hit me didn't stop.

I was close enought to Charlie's place to walk there afterwards. I didn't sleep much. This morning my friend Max came over and took me down to the wreck lot to get my paper work for the insurance. I took this picture.

So Max brought me back to my place and the front door was open. I am freaked out. Charlie gets off work at 8 and she is going to pick me up and we are going to stay at her place tonight.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Project Serpo

Charlie and I went to the Northside Tavern after I uploaded the video last night. I woke up this "morning" and started googling Serpo - from the title screen in the recovered video.

This came right up: Project Serpo

Richard Doty:

"My name is Richard Doty, retired special agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI), and now a private citizen living in New Mexico.

During a briefing in 1984 I read a document which mentioned an exchange program between an alien race and twelve U.S. military personnel. The briefing did not mention any specific details of the exchange program, but it did refer to the program lasting from 1965 to 1978.

In 1965, twelve U.S. military men were placed on an extraterrestrial spacecraft and flew to an alien planet some 40 light years away. The exchange program lasted until 1978 when the team returned. Some of the twelve died on the alien planet and by 1991, when I was given this information, some had died since. The final briefing of the returnees is still classified. Note: all the team members are now dead, the last surviving until 2002."

William Birnes:

"Maybe the Serpo references were redacted by Lady Bird herself. Maybe. But why would the former First Lady take out references to a space mission when she did not take out a piece of incredible evidence inculpating her husband and former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in a conspiracy to conceal information of a murder conspiracy, specifically the JFK assassination, from the very commission LBJ assembled to investigate the crime?"

Bill Ryan:

"The first compelling reason to believe this story is the accidental testimony of the retired Air Force colonel with 33 years in Intelligence. When he read the Serpo account in hard copy, he was visibly shocked and confirmed "Yes, [it's] all real."

The point here is that if this story is 90 percent true-or even 10 percent true!-it's still the story of the last millennium. Some people cannot believe that twelve American astronauts could have made a trip to another planet nearly 40 light years away in 1965. It's just too much of a leap to believe."

Friday, June 16, 2006

Film from the Box

Well, this is creepy. Just got back and watched it. Here it is, not sure what to make of it.

Going to pick up the film

The guys at Lab 601 just called to say that they had finished digitaizing the film. They said it was cut in one place so I don't know what that means. I hope there is enough to complete the project. I will post it when I get back probably around 6:00.

Stuff in the Box: Getting Strange

Just dropped the film off to get it transferred. Checking emails. There were some badges in the box and a strange picture. I remember my Dad’s badges and patches but these are a good bit different. I have to run to class.

The Box

Been sorting through the box. It is a treasure trove. There is an 8mm video tape that I am going to get transfer to DVD today. Even though I didn’t get much from the CC interview I think there is enough here to do something. If I can cut in old video footage it will rock!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well, that was kind of tough. I made her mad and didn't get enough footage. I haven't fully checked out the box but maybe there is something there that I can use.

Just did a quick cut, will work on the transitions later.

Going to do the Interview

Getting ready to head out to do the interview. Big time street address. I am going to try and get a rough up tonight.

RSS Feed

I put an RRS feed up for this blog. Go to the side bar and click on this icon, or click on this icon. Stay up to date with your favorite feed reader!

Phone Call

I left a voice message for the woman and Wow! she called me back. She asked a bunch of questions about who I was and why I wanted to tape something. I told her I was doing a project for class and interviewing local artists.

She was not warm in the beginning of the call but she agreed to let me come to her house this afternoon and let me ask her a few questions. Off to the races.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

First Video (Updated)

UPDATE: Some of you said the Youtube video wasn't working. Try this one. Vimeo will not let me upload very much per week but we'll see how it goes.

I took Charlie to Apres Diem and then we saw X Men 3. Probably could have picked a better date movie.

Here is me messing with the camera before we went to dinner.

New Equipment on Vimeo

Gear Acquired

Finally got my gear checked out from the equipment room. I got there too late to get the Cannon GL2, so I had to settle for an older Sony. I did manage to get a copy of Final Cut Pro on my MacBook though!

The Letter

So anyway, I read the letter a couple of times and it seems to be about when we were out in Arizona. My dad worked for the air force and he was stationed out there when I was young. He got a job with Lockheed and we moved to Atlanta when I was 15.

The letter is from a woman. She wants my father to contact her daughter and give her the message, “I’m sorry. I always loved you.” Since I need a story to do my project I figured I would call the woman and go give her the message and tape it! I put in a call to her this morning and left a message. Get her to tell me the story, its going to be great.

Idea for project

Yesterday was crazy. Work and school took the whole day. Dinner with the parents was good. I picked up a really strange letter addresses to “Billy Taylor,” which is me. No body calls my dad that. It was hand addressed and I still get mail there (note to UGA alumni department – I don’t have any money!!!) all the time, so I grabbed it.

I have to go to class right now but more soon.

Monday, June 12, 2006

New Project (Start here!)

I am starting a new project for my Lit Cult Comp class, LCC6310. I am going to do a video blog about something. Going over to my parents’ house for dinner. Looks like a busy week ahead. I am taking my girlfriend Charlie out to dinner Wednesday night. Need to figure out where to go.

Wii Instant Messaging

From Rewired Mind:

"It looks like the Nintendo Wii will feature some sort of instant messaging system - according to a patent filed by Nintendo.

The patent detail explains that Nintendo are working (or thinking of working on) a "Messaging service for videogame systems with buddy list that displays game being played. Each game system is configured to connect to the web server computer via the Internet and to communicate status data indicative of an activity engaged in by a user thereof. The web server computer generates a session file indicative of user status and the status of each of two or more persons on a buddy list of the user."

In addition, the patent mentions the ability to build a gamer profile (containing personal details, high scores, favourite game lists etc) and an avatar, which can be built by selecting a set of pre-designed features such as facial hair, eyes, noses etc - or by uploading a picture of your fine self. The system can also be used by "portable consoles" - read "DS" - and the ability to block players and chat by microphone and keyboard will also be in place."

US Hardware sales: xBox PSP GameCube

From joystiq:

"The hardware sales for US consoles has been released, here's how it broke down, in terms of total unit sales and difference (in percentage) from April:
  1. PlayStation 2: 232,000 ( 12.1%)
  2. Sony PSP: 159,659 ( 17.1%)
  3. Nintendo DS: 145,930 ( 5.4%)
  4. Xbox 360: 221,000 ( 25%)
  5. GameCube: 33,000 ( 13.2%)
  6. Xbox One: 26,000 ( 33.3%)"

Playstation 3 vs xBox 360

From Jonloh:

"It’s been a little over a year since Sony first announced its upcoming PlayStation 3 console. In that time, plenty of hype (not to mention barbs) have flown between the Microsoft and Sony camps, each attempting to tout their machine as the “better” offering. After all, who can forget when Sony’s Phil Harrison took the stage at the European Developer’s Conference in the fall of 2005 and talked critically about Microsoft’s plan to release two retail versions of the Xbox 360?"